Saturday, August 5, 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I suppose pictures of Jose aren't really different, but having the opportunity to work with an incredible photographer, whose work I absolutely admire, is something a little out of the norm for us.
At Mane Event, I had the pleasure of talking with the delightful Megan Kruse.  She had a beautiful booth set up at the Event with some of her stunning works.  I love what she creates and she's a pretty fun, down to earth and creative human.
When the opportunity came through that she was looking for a "brand ambassador", I jumped at the opportunity!  Jose is so creative, I knew he could be a fantastic addition to her portfolio.  I just come along for the ride.  lol
So I applied, and she accepted!!!  We scheduled our first photo shoot at the farm as a kind of a "getting to know you" type of idea.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  She let JJ and I do what we do and grabbed perfect angles to catch beautiful moments.

I can't say enough good things!  If you're looking for a very talented Alberta-based photographer to capture special moments with you and your horses, do yourself a favor and connect with Megan Kruse!!

Being unconventional certainly has its advantages! 

Two of my favorite things in this world!!  <3 
Happy Horseing!  and call Megan!!!

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