Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's Next?

Did you know that I didn't show at all last year?  I know!  I feel the same way.  I really miss it.  But what do I want to do this year?  Ritchie boy is going to be joining my incredible friend (Grain Before Groceries) to try his talent in the eventing so I may well catch a class or two on him in the 20 x 60 again (ya hoo!!!) but I've got a couple of fillies who can use some time in the show ring in hand too.  And there's Jose!  I have a really fun friend who wants us to join them with their "Mongol Hoard".  Seriously, how fun will that be?!?!?!

But maybe a simple rail-class show or two.  I miss just being out and having fun with people.  Now that we're at the Garrison Saddle Club, perhaps there will be more opportunity to take friends and go have some adventures. 

Maybe going for a hack at Blackfoot (read THIS IS NOT A TRAIL RIDE) with a group or playing around at Beaumont again.  That was a riot last year! 

So many directions to go, just got to pick a few, or several, and go for it! 


Monday, November 9, 2015

Select Foal Sale With RPSI

If you haven't seen her yet:

Our "Princess" Leia Organa SE is offered through the online RPSI select sale.  Right now, the sealed-bid portion is live.  Aside from our special girl, there are some stunning young stock available for consideration. 

Happy Horseing!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Identity, Same Quality

Well hello there!!  Welcome to our new blog!  We're very excited to be re-launching the equine business under the new handle of Standards Equine.  It was important to us to keep the acronym SE (the suffex we use for our breeding program) but had a need for something a little more simple and mainstream. 
Standards signifies not only our mark of quality but also my love of Standardbred horses and their contribution to my breeding and trick-training program.  We were excited to have the opportunity to incorporate a Standard Poodle to the pack, but our beautiful girl suffered a fatal accident far too early in her life.  Nonetheless, the name has stuck and we're charging ahead!!! 

So what's new? 

We had RPSI inspection on September 19!!  I'm grateful for the generous help of one of my dearest friends who took her LaBamba SE colt (LePremieur SE) to inspection for branding and hauled out Lilyana (Gervantus II x Tango Selune) and Leia Organa SE for me.  I also took A Promise For You (As Promised) and her filly Latin Promise SE for inspection. 

Leia Organa SE (LaBamba SE) and her dam Lilyana (Gervantus II x Tango Selune)
 Lana and Princess were very well received at inspection.  Otto was very familiar with Gervantus II and gave Lana scores up to 7 for movement in trot and canter.  Princess, likewise, scored very well earning a gold-premium score of 8.0 for her movement!  We couldn't have been more pleased!  This fantastic filly is now consigned to the RPSI select foal auction running from October 25 to November 1. 

Latin Promise SE (LaBamba SE x As Promised)
We also wanted to have our "keeper" filly inspected so Promise and Chai were scored too.  Unfortunately Promise is what Promise is and did not score very well overall.  I understand that there is no score given for temperament, heart, brains or overall disposition because she would have scored 9's for all of them.  However, our Chai baby strutted her heart out, showing what her daddy gave her!  She scored just behind her full-warmblood sister to a 7.8 score for movement!  As I'd mentioned previously, this one is not for sale, we're keeping her. 

With two exceptional fillies now branded, weaning has gone well.  2 of the 3 broodmares are down in the pasture with no notice given by their fillies.  Unfortunately the third mare is suffering from a pair of nasty abscesses and is still up in the med-pen being treated.  Yes, filly #3, LaSamba SE is also doing very well.  Because her dam is unregistered, we elected to have "Tess" registered with the CWHBA.  This one is also available for purchase. 
LaSamba SE showing she's got the right stuff too!
Ritchie is doing really well.  We'd had some saddle fit issues earlier in the year but that seems to have been corrected with the help of a Kentaur dressage saddle.  I've started riding him again, one day a week, and have made myself a general nuisance around Sawatzky Equine Service's brand new facility on Thursday mornings.  Of course I'm kidding.  It's my favourite morning of the week, Thursday date morning with my boy <3 
Earlier in the season, we'd had the pleasure of having the lovely Allegra Hohm out to give the boy a try.  It was really neat to have her evaluation of him, where he is in training, and overall impression. 

I absolutely love that saddle pad!

 Jose is wonderful.  We have taken up residence at the Edmonton Garrison Saddle Club.  It's a great opportunity to become active in an equine community again.  It's a diverse place full of every discipline and experience level.  We're having fun refining some of our tricks and, no doubt, the LdSH Mounted Troop are enjoying the occasional impromptu performance as part of our unconventional schooling. 

Jose Jalapeno in full RCMP dress for a Stampede Parade
The coolest part of the summer for me, by far, was an event I couldn't even be at!  Jose was ridden in full RCMP formal dress for a Stampede Parade.  I think he looks terribly handsome.  I would LOVE to have him go on duty again in the future. 

So, there you have it!  Welcome back to speed.  From here, it's onward and upward - as always.

Happy Horseing!