Sunday, July 31, 2016

This Made Me SO Happy!

I have some incredible friends.  Truly, I am blessed and fortunate to have several incredible friends, many of whom are also involved in this crazy equine business.  Today, I had the delightful good fortune to put one of my favorite couples and one of my most brilliant foals together. 

Let me back up and give you some input.  I'd had super-high recommendations for Sawatzky Equine Services when I was looking to have Ritchie started under saddle.  That's where my relationship with Roland and Cindy started.  Roland enjoyed the Ritchie boy almost as much as I do, so much so that he took him for a year on lease from me.  During that time, they bred Cindy's eventing mare to him.  Most unfortunately the mare was not able to catch and carry and the prognosis is very dim for her being able to catch and carry without a very high cost and still a high risk. 

While Ritchie was with them, I had them stand a mare for me.  Lilyana (Lana) has a nearly invisible heat.  Truly, I'd never seen her covered when she conceived Princess.  On an incredible read and sensitivity, Roland selected the right day and the mare was covered, ONCE!  11 months later, there was Lirio. 

It seems so incredibly fitting that this magical filly be part of the Sawatzky family.  I'm thrilled that we were able to make it happen and I'm so excited about what the future has in store for all of them and their "Rio" filly. 

Unlike Princess's departure, Rio was a little less amiable and a lot more muddy!  Despite that, it seems that she and her dam have settled in well at their new home (until weaning anyways, then Lana heads to Calgary!)  I'm sure I'm the most excited of everyone about this new partnership.  It takes a few years before they're ready to really go out and DO things now...

Mud and all, they took Rio home!
My sincere congratulations, best wishes and thanks to Sawatzky Equine Services on their new acquisition of Lirio SE. 

Happy Horseing! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Can it Always be That Fun?!!!

Yesterday Princess met her new mom.  It was one of those pairings that you always hope for.  Princess took to Jessica like a duck to water.  She followed her, stayed with her, felt totally relaxed with her, just perfect! 
I've been so proud of that filly since the word go, but watching her with someone brand new, behaving like the little all-star I know her to be, was totally heartwarming!  From coming up to us in the pasture with the other horses and being haltered by Jessica, coming out of the pasture and seeing a brand-new trailer that wasn't like anything she'd been in before, getting boots put on all four legs (and the chicken walk that comes with it!) to getting on the trailer with Jessica without hesitation.  Everything worked, perfectly. 

In addition to the filly being brilliant with her new mom, it just so happens that Jessica (and brother/travel companion Jeremy) were fantastic company!  I mean really, anyone who brings wine to my house is going to be in my good books, but bring me two bottles and fantastic conversation, and you'll have a welcome home for eternity! 

I got this mom, no problem!
Our travelers got a very early start this morning and I only heard the door to the house close so I didn't get up to see them out.  I think it's a good thing.  I'm feeling all misty inside with my little girl heading hours and hours away to a home in another province.  I know she'll do well and adjust without issue.  She has a very caring human who will, no doubt, take exceptional care of her.  It has been a delight working with Jessica and we've both been so excited to make this happen. 

My sincere congratulations and best wishes on a very exciting future! 

Happy Horseing!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Good Luck Princess!!!

When the stars align, incredible things happen. For Princess, a whole new chapter and adventure begins on what should become a thrilling career with a new, loving human to call her own.

After having a lot of intermittent empty interest, I'm so happy to announce that our "Princess" Leia Organa SE has found a wonderful home with an FEI-level dressage rider out of BC.  Not only has this lady been an absolute treat to work with, she's also spent several months in the US as a working student with US Olympic Dressage Rider, Steffen Peters! 
When buying a horse, especially in a "sight unseen" manner (physically not there to evaluate the animal) there should be an abundance of questions asked about the horse, the parentage and the history.  I really enjoyed all of the questions that Princess's new owner asked.  All pertinent.  I always want to make sure my clients are happy with their purchases and the matches as well made.  When it all works out together, buying/selling a horse can, believe it or not, actually be FUN!  New mom said to me "If this sale was any easier, we could have both done this in our sleep!"  I couldn't have articulated my feelings better than those words also! 

So our girl will be off to bigger and better things within the next week.  I'm so excited for her to go and yet I will miss her.  I know she'll be wonderful; I know she'll make us all proud! 

I hope her little sister has as much good fortune in finding a loving home! 

Happy horseing!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Clinics Come and Go

You know what's difficult in this genre?  Getting people the service they want. 

A couple of months ago I looked at my calendar.  2 free weekends between then and mid September!  And more people contacting me daily to ask about booking more and more clinics.  I'd love to help, but there has to be a bit of time for me in between, so I turned people away. 

Then, a week ahead of time, one clinic cancelled.  It was a distance away and I had a time booking dates with them.  They decided they couldn't make the minimum and had to cancel. 

This morning, another clinic from out of town - one of the first to book this season, cancelled.  Not enough commitment. 

That's 2 weekends I could have had open to give to another group who was interested and committed that I had to send away.

That's another show or three that I can't send my horse to, and a conference I can't attend, because the income is now not going to be there to provide for it. 

The horse industry is a really tough one, no matter how you slice it.  It's incredibly competitive and impossible to please everyone.  When you have a unique service, you try to help as many people as possible.  Unfortunately people have wonderful intention but often situations come up where life happens, someone is sick, a horse is lame, just crappy timing.  So, instead, you start charging nonrefundable deposits to cover yourself.  And people take offense. 

Round and round it goes.  It's very disheartening.  It's frustrating.  But that's the name of the game.  Throw in the towel or keep trying.  What I've learned from all of it is to simply redirect and keep moving forward.

Happy Horseing.