Thursday, March 24, 2022

What's a Year?

 I really liked the idea of doing blogging regularly.  Turns out that missed a few months though.   Oh well...

So what's been happening in the last year?  Oh, just a bit of this and that.  

We got the opportunity to get back to some showing. Ali made a fantastic new friend and they had a blast with the horses at a schooling show last summer.  I took Phillippe the donkey to his first show in Barrhead where poor little dude decided he could NOT possibly walk forward inside the indoor arena.  I must have lost my mind. But Ali took her new mini, Jasmine, in the show, won her class, placed in showmanship, and then toured the local greenhouse with her meeting customers and being a personable pleasure.  I'll tell you, that pony is the best $50 kijiji buy ever!  

Christmas came and went and we took that special little pony into the local long-term care facility at the request of the site manager.  We dressed Jasmine pony up in bells, bows and anything else we could think of.  She was fantastic.  Absolutely wonderful.  Had a touch of trouble getting her in the elevator but a blindfold and a backup and that was dealt with.  (Working smarter, not harder...) The residents were delighted.  I think we'll take her back in the spring. 

We did a fair amount of driving with both minis.  I spent time with Chai, riding, loved it!!  And then I bred her to a cutie little Arab stud with the best hind quarter I could find in the province.  Turns out he's a half brother to Pyralis, a stud I'd had as a yearling, bred once to Nix to create Tex (Pyrotecnix SE) and then sold who is now an endurance mount named Bob.  

Ali's second time putting Jasmine in harness.

Even my mom got into driving!

Chai's so stunning

Sheeba came back into my life.  I'm thrilled, Ali and I both rode her a bit this summer before breeding her to Ritchie.  She's 17 and maiden but carrying well and looking adorable. Both mares are due around June 25.  They bred consecutive days so hopefully foaling will be right close too.  

Not Sheeba, but her full sister Khori as a 2 year old

I think that about brings us back up to speed.  Short and sweet right?  Well, we'll see what comes in the next time frame before it occurs to me to write again.  At least there's pictures...  

Happy Horseing!