Monday, June 20, 2016

Beaumont Parade

As much as I can, I'm trying to do new things. 

My silly Standardbred is wonderful.  But he will never be a dressage horse.  I'm ok with that, all sorts of ok with that.  He's Mr. Dependable and I can do so many other things with him like schooling out cross country, going for a hack, hauling to a barn to work on trail obstacles, whatever! 

Last weekend was another new experience.  We rode in the Beaumont parade!  A friend of mine is organizing a fair that will adopt the Battle of the Breeds formerly run by Spruce Meadows.  Unfortunately I won't be able to be at the fair (Brooks that weekend) but I was able to join in the parade with Mr. Superpants! 

To say that it was a BIG environment would be a true understatement.  Poor fella was a little out of his skin starting out but, while waiting to start moving, I worked with him on the ground, like we always do.  He relaxed, I mounted up and off we went! 

In all fairness to my colour coordination, the fair's colours are purple and red so I was dressed perfectly. 

JJ was excited.  He doesn't love walking slowly in a crowded area but he did his utter best.  An extra ad-lib rear or two got a lot of response from the crowd but I decided that since it wasn't helping him relax, I would dismount and work with him on the ground instead.  Besides, we do a way better wave and Spanish walk in hand. 

The crowd gathered was approximated at over 4000 this year and JJ made himself memorable. 

Set up for a perfectly timed shot.  Yes, this was on purpose, I was cuing him from on the ground.

Good days.  Good times, good new adventures!

Happy horseing!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Picture Day!!

Everyone needs a friend with a really good camera and really good timing to go with it! 

Fortunately, I have a wonderful friend who is both excellent with timing and has a lovely camera.  She also has exceptional taste in friends and ponies hehe... 

First up are pictures of Lirio!  

Yes, she really is that nice.  Sorry Renate, well, not really sorry...  Just maybe you don't want to come out and meet her and find out she's just as sweet as she is pretty?? 

Next, little miss Niveus!  She's just learning to be brave and run around instead of sticking like glue to her mama all the time.  She really is lovely and she's getting stronger and filling out better every single day.  I'm hoping that her full-brother's mom will want this one as well.  Washington would sure have a pair of stunners!

Next up, Mr. Growing Up All Sorts of Wonderful, Billy (California Beach Boy).  He is so bold and friendly - an absolute character!  He and the fillies are just beginning to play now and it's such a riot to watch them.  I adore the personality and the upright nature on this colt.  So coo!

And what's a picture day without Ritchie?  Well, an incomplete one when he's on the property anyways.  He'd been in the breeding paddock for a month already and I pulled him out for these shots.  Now, at 6 years old, I couldn't be more delighted with the mature horse he's become.  

 One in a million doesn't even come close... By the way, I swear he's not THAT tall...  Or I'm not that short?  I'm 5'6".  His withers are at my head!  When did that happen?! 
Regardless, I love the championship and reserve championship ribbons and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to get them in a picture with him.  Good boy Itchy! 

Never dull.  Love them all.  Until next picture day....
Happy Horseing!