Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Sharing Forward - The Lesson Horse

If we've met or you've read some of my previous musings, you probably understand my gratitude for people sharing their wisdom and time with me as a young person.  As an adult with the good fortune to have some lovely animals, I've continued to feel that the greatest service I can do is share my animals and knowledge forward.  It is something that I'm trying very hard to teach my daughter about, and there are occasions where she makes me very proud. 

Two years ago, she was gifted with a lovely old-man Salle Francaise gelding.  Since Bucky was getting up in years and could not take Ali further in riding than he had, we were on the lookout for something still very safe, but for her to move up on.  Through the grapevine, word came around about this fella, and our meeting went really well.  His owner offered him to my daughter and we brought him home the next day.  Since then, they've had many adventures including attending their first horse show and doing some very small jumps.  He's in his 20's but was apparently was a Grand Prix jumper back in his day. I can see that the way he goes to the fences. 

Well, this year hasn't been one for riding for us. Life has just been busy and moving swiftly in different directions.  The thought occurred to me that the horse (Hunter) might enjoy having kids fuss on him while helping teach the next generation how to fall in love with horses.  (Yes, I'm still an enabler...)  So I talked with Ali and reached out to a friend of ours who is running a H/J barn close to Edmonton.  She asked a few questions but decided that yes, she would love to have him in her program for the winter.  

Ali did great writing out his care instructions
and helped me pack his blankets and bridle.  She gave him his dewormer and loaded him into the trailer like a pro!  He travelled, unloaded and settled in like he'd lived at the barn his whole life (certainly he's lived at a barn for the majority of his life.)  And we're looking forward to seeing updates with kids falling in love with him.  We will bring him home when the ground is dry and the weather is good again.  It's occurring to me that she's once again in need of a move-up horse.  Something just a bit younger that takes just a bit more skill to ride well, but still safe.  I will keep my eyes open this winter and see if something appropriate comes up.  More and more I'm realizing there's tons of horses available, it's just a matter of connecting the right dots to find them.  

In the mean time, Happy Horseing y'all! 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Three Years Later...

Well hello 2020... 
So it's been slightly more than three years since I've blogged.  My lord the world has changed.  I can't say that anything bad has really happened though.  I'm happy for all the shifts and the opportunities and growth that has come through. 

I still have Jose the wonder pony!  In addition to all the tricks, we have added some horseback archery to our list of skills.  He did an incredible set of photo shoots a couple of years ago that resulted in a calendar or sexy men... (I work so hard, I tell ya!) and one kick-ass haunted-house poster!  

The beautiful Goran and Jose, photos by Visions of Heaphen Photography

I still have Ritchie.  He came home from BC almost two years ago and is being ridden by an Adult Ammy friend of mine who tells me she's never never ever sending him back (she threatened that last year before breeding season too, but he did, in fact, come home for a while.)  She treats him like gold and is growing so much in her own riding and confidence, I'm just thrilled!!!

My personal life has shifted.  I left the marriage over a year ago and am rocking the single-mom life!  My heart goes out to everyone suffering with PTSD, and loved ones affected, but change starts first by looking in the mirror.  The anger and abuse leaves scars of its' own.  

I haven't had the opportunity to show in the last two years.  It's so weird!  2019 was a write off for me because we moved out and had so much change to deal with.  And, of course, 2020 is just kind of a crap sandwich!  

I changed jobs.  I retired from grooming as my body just said (very loudly) THAT'S ENOUGH!! I was dealing with chronic pain and even developed asthma.  Ali and I moved up to Westlock and I took a part-time line at the hospital there.  I had the good fortune to work part-time casually for one of the local physicians in a clinic which was great for extra experience.  A temporary full-time line opened up for me and I enjoyed a very busy position for a while.  Then I saw a permanent full-time position in Barrhead and applied on a whim.  Low and behold they offered me the position and so now I'm holding securely (at least as secure as any healthcare position is currently in this political horizon.)  I enjoy the work, have no more chronic pain and no more asthma!  Unfortunately I haven't been on a horse since May either... but it will come back around in time. I have, however, been on my MOTORCYCLE!!  Something I've wanted to do forever, I finally did!  With my income-tax return, I bought myself a 2001 Kawasaki Ninja 500 and learned to ride!  What a blast! 

We bred some horses this summer!  I decided to bring "King Richard" home and cover some mares.  I've been loaned a neat warmblood mare by a lovely friend who will be a delightful compliment to the boy.  I also was gifted a grade warmblood x mare who was maiden but stood well to be bred and will hopefully produce something as nice as what we have on the ground.  Ritchie hasn't shown in three years now, but I'm not upset about that either.  He's being ridden and loved on and he's still a superstar fella. 

The website is updated and current if you care to check out www.standardsequine.com and I'm still teaching equine first-aid courses and trick-horse clinics.  

I'm happy, we're healthy and managing to get by with what we're doing.  Hopefully I'll have the ambition to continue writing regularly, but we shall see how it goes.  Definitely I've learned to relax about things... despite my grey hairs!  

Hope you have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by!
Happy Horseing!