Friday, September 8, 2017


It's so fun meeting new people and growing as a horse person.  Not only as a rider, but as an all around equine enthusiast.  This time I am specifically referring to an in-the-tack activity though.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a lady in the area who has taken to Spanish working equitation and the garrocha.  We met when she brought her Warlander filly to a trick clinic I was teaching.  She was fantastic at picking up the tricks and shared with me what she was working on at home.  Well, of course that means a pony play day!!  Heidi and her sister Chantelle came over with three of their horses and their big garrocha pole to ride with Ali and I.  I was excited to try the pole out with Jose as I'd worked him several moons ago dragging things when we did a trail competition as part of a battle of the breeds in Saskatoon.  He was not at all concerned about the pole.  Steering was a little more tricky, but we did manage to make some circles around it and drag it along.  Nothing like what you'll see on youtube, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Ali did 3 canters each direction on her own with Bucky.  God bless his 28 years of patience.  He gives her so much.  I'm eternally grateful for him always keeping her safe!!!

The horses the girls brought with them had a good time doing tricks, taking a ride through the hay field and being out.  It's been a while since I had a good time doing a pony play day.  Absolutely needs to happen again - SOON!!!

Be like Heidi, and happy horseing!!!