Friday, August 18, 2017

Wildwood Fair

Oh the adventures we get to have.  Every year it's something different, a new place, a new venue, and I love all of it!

I'm so blessed to have some really incredible friends.  This particular one I've had the pleasure to share a few adventures with this year!  The incredible Jeanette Hall invited Jose and I to perform with her at the Wildwood Fair for their mid-show entertainment.  Jeanette is an accomplished archer and gave a talk and demo on mounted archery.  Unfortunately her super-trusty Morgan is still recovering from an injury so she brought out her rookie backup, a young Appy named Caspar.  She had shot off of him only once months ago at a stand still.  Today, she took him all the way up to shooting from the trot!!!  He was a rockstar, and Jeanette was so fun to watch and engaging with the crowd and kids.  I almost didn't want to perform because I was having so much fun watching them.

Just like that!
After all of the kids had a turn shooting the bow, JJ and I took over the crowd and talked about trick-horse training.  How I got to stand around and look pretty and he does all the real work...
It's not untrue..
Jose makes me look good! 

After a good demo to a receptive crowd, we packed up the kids and Jeanette treated me to a Chinese food late lunch.  I'm not sure if the food was really as good as I think it was or if we were just that hungry but it was fantastic company regardless.

It's always a pleasure to meet people when we go out.  We connected with a Patrol Sheriff who was in mounted troop likely at the same time as Anthony.  He asked if Jose was a Quarter Horse, but we won't hold that against him.

So impressive! 
I really like this idea of saying "Yes!" when asked to be involved with things - even if I'm not sure how things are going to go or what the program will be.  Say yes to opportunity and learn the "how to" after.

As always, happy horseing!!!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I suppose pictures of Jose aren't really different, but having the opportunity to work with an incredible photographer, whose work I absolutely admire, is something a little out of the norm for us.
At Mane Event, I had the pleasure of talking with the delightful Megan Kruse.  She had a beautiful booth set up at the Event with some of her stunning works.  I love what she creates and she's a pretty fun, down to earth and creative human.
When the opportunity came through that she was looking for a "brand ambassador", I jumped at the opportunity!  Jose is so creative, I knew he could be a fantastic addition to her portfolio.  I just come along for the ride.  lol
So I applied, and she accepted!!!  We scheduled our first photo shoot at the farm as a kind of a "getting to know you" type of idea.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  She let JJ and I do what we do and grabbed perfect angles to catch beautiful moments.

I can't say enough good things!  If you're looking for a very talented Alberta-based photographer to capture special moments with you and your horses, do yourself a favor and connect with Megan Kruse!!

Being unconventional certainly has its advantages! 

Two of my favorite things in this world!!  <3 
Happy Horseing!  and call Megan!!!