Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Retired Racehorse Radio Interview

 Happy New Year to everyone out there!  I started a different new year's resolution a few years ago and I liked it so much I decided to keep it running.  Quite simply, it's saying "yes" to new opportunities.  So when Joy from Retired Racehorse Radio contacted me about doing an interview about my track-reject Jose, my answer was naturally YES! 

I keep saying this horse wants to be a MOVIEstar, but we're glad to promote his breed and himself wherever we get the opportunity.  

They were wanting a specifically "dressage" themed interview and, to be honest, Jose isn't the world's strongest dressage horse.  Although, I will tell you that we have always ridden good, technical tests to the very best of our ability.  It is something we've done but he is definitely best known for being a trick-trained horse.  Regardless, I feel that my point of giving the underdog a chance and loving a horse with so much heart and try got across just fine.  

You can find it here

From JJ and I, much love, health, success and, of course, happy horseing! 

Photo by Visions of Heaphen Photography