Tuesday, March 29, 2016

To Kur or Not to Kur

One more, one more show this year. The PAADA Championship show is coming end of April and I definitely want to finish the show series with Ritchie at this show.  It's been so well run, been a wonderful opportunity for my horse, my friends and myself. 

At this show, they're offering freestyles.  I've only ridden one freestyle and it was about a million years ago with my old man Anglo Arab gelding, Bucky.  I've downloaded a crappy music editing program and am wrestling with it to get some Pirates of the Caribbean music working for me.  I'd really like to do the kur, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra effort.  Maybe it's just the time fighting with unfamiliar programming that's discouraging me.

We're going to ride two first-level tests, tests 2 and 3, each day.  Saturday will be test 2 twice, once for the Silver show and once for the championship test and then the same Sunday for test 3.  The kur classes are on Saturday afternoon/evening.  I wonder if three tests will be too much. 

Really, why not just bite the bullet? 

Opa Ganum Pony?

Happy Horseing!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Success and One Incredible Show!

It's tough growing up... lol I know, I know.
I have incredible friends, 2 in particular, who are avid equestrians - eventers, but we won't hold that against them.  We have wanted to go to a show to compete together for YEARS!  but always things didn't line up, mostly because they event... and I don't jump.  It scares the hell out of me!

This time, things worked.  We all went to the PAADA Dressage Daze II show in Ponoka.  They run a Wild Rose (provincial) level show concurrently with the EC Silver dressage show.  My ladies brought their ponies and did Wild Rose tests and Ritchie and I were back in the Silver show. 
Ritchie had a rough start to the weekend because of some terrifying Ritchie-eating pigeons above the judge's table in the short arena.  They were literally going to eat him!  He pulled things together and rode through 2 improved tests with me Sunday.  The scores weren't our best 62%, but I felt we'd had some significant improvement in the Director/Directee relationship.  We maintained our counter canters and had our simple change at X this time.  More wiggly, less straight, but I was still pleased with our improvement.  The scores weren't exemplary, but they were still good enough for firsts in both our tests and an eventual Adult Ammy Silver Championship once again. 

My friends, however, were incredible!!  Both had personal-best rides!  Both ribboned in their tests.  We squealed and laughed and hugged and jumped up and down with excitement at each win.

6 years in the making, it finally happened.

Thank you to my friends for helping me remember why showing is fun.  Let's do it again!!!

Happy Horseing!

Friday, March 11, 2016

So Proud!!!

The family good fortunate continues!  I'm so proud to share with you that my very dear friend, one of my favorite people on the planet, and her Standardbred gelding, Good Time Charlie (Charlie Pants!!) have been selected as part of 2016's ambassador team for Go and Play Stables! 

I am so excited for their season and for this recognition for their hard work. 

Charlie (pants) is a 2011 gelding and a half-brother to my Jose Jalapeno, both are by the illustrious As Promised. 

Although now residing in Sherbrook, Qc, I had the opportunity to work with this outstanding pair in a trick clinic and join them for schooling at Beaumont cross country.  There is no limit to where these two will go and I couldn't be more excited about watching the journey! 

Please go show your support and follow her at http://goodtimecharliestb.blogspot.ca/ and check out Good Time Charlie on facebook! 

Happy Horseing!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Best Job!

I've said it so many times...
Teaching equine first aid is the best job in the world.  I've had more opportunities being involved with Equi-Health Canada then I'd ever imagined I could.  I've met hundreds of people and travelled throughout the 3 western provinces to teach. 

This weekend was a full-circle for me. 

The first time I'd learned about equine first aid was at the Edmonton Garrison Saddle Club while I was boarded there 4 years ago.  This weekend, I taught a clinic at the EGSC and donated proceeds back to the club. 

As always, Jose was a fantastic demo pony.  All the demo ponies were wonderful!  Plenty of laughs and smiles. 
Even my Ali girl got in on the scenarios doing all 10 of the advanced scenarios on her toy horse!

Happy (and safe!) Horseing!