Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Beautiful Fall Day

We haven't ridden much this year. In truth, we haven't ridden much in the last two years.  I don't think I'd been on my horse since late June or maybe early July.  It's life, it's not ideal but it's also not permanent.  That being said, we've had the good luck of some lovely fall weather and took advantage of it on the weekend.  
Sunday was my mom's birthday (50th with several years of practice of course) so we went to give her a bottle of wine and visit the critters while we were out.  The horses were all up looking like they wanted something to do so we pulled in a couple and tacked them up. Jose, as you know, is a superstar.  The other horse is Mud.  Maybe I've written about her before... she's kind of the bane of my existence but she's growing on me after all these years.  She's 16 this year but hasn't ever had much experience with regards to all things equine.  Although, to her credit, she isn't stupid under saddle, just hasn't had much eduction.  My mother had been wanting to get on her horse all summer.  This time we got it to happen.  Funny that there was no tack already set up for her - we had to find a bit and reins and bridle then size it down for her.  Unfortunately we also haven't got a well-fitted saddle for her either; however, we made work what we did have.  

I lunged the Mud Puddle which she thought was a great, fun idea, for about 30 seconds, and then it became WORK, how dare I?!  But once she proved that paying attention to what I was asking for was of higher importance than responding to her friend's whinny, I praised her and brought her in.  I don't ride Mud, I'd just rather not and I feel Mud also appreciates that.  But Ali does!  So I popped my kidlet up on her and handed the lead rope to my mother and they had a lovely stroll around while I got up on Jose and did some work.  Since he's a Rockstar and it's been so long since we last rode, I made it a short and positive one.  Once I popped off him, we brought in Mud and changed out the riders.  Mom did great!  Yes, she walked for maybe 7 minutes but that's more than her body has done in a year.  The Puddle was calm and a good citizen and strolled around relaxed with Ali in lead.  

Sometimes it's not about the hard training and the ribbons, sometimes it's just the simplest action of spending some quality time together.

And a special shout out to my amazing boyfriend for capturing some images from our rides.  Thanks love! 
And happy horseing!