Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's Next?

Did you know that I didn't show at all last year?  I know!  I feel the same way.  I really miss it.  But what do I want to do this year?  Ritchie boy is going to be joining my incredible friend (Grain Before Groceries) to try his talent in the eventing so I may well catch a class or two on him in the 20 x 60 again (ya hoo!!!) but I've got a couple of fillies who can use some time in the show ring in hand too.  And there's Jose!  I have a really fun friend who wants us to join them with their "Mongol Hoard".  Seriously, how fun will that be?!?!?!

But maybe a simple rail-class show or two.  I miss just being out and having fun with people.  Now that we're at the Garrison Saddle Club, perhaps there will be more opportunity to take friends and go have some adventures. 

Maybe going for a hack at Blackfoot (read THIS IS NOT A TRAIL RIDE) with a group or playing around at Beaumont again.  That was a riot last year! 

So many directions to go, just got to pick a few, or several, and go for it!