Monday, April 25, 2016

When You're Right, You're Right!

She did. She waited until I was away.  Waxed up Friday afternoon and, by 9:00 am on Saturday morning, he was up and nursing. 

Welcome California Beach Boy (ES California Dreamin/Gazal Al Shaqab x Bluebell/Beach Boy) AKA "Billy". 
Although he's roughly 14 days early, everything is exactly where it should be. He's awake, moving well on his gigantic spider legs and has already learned people mom is excellent for bum rubs and scratches!  He is black - or the beautiful seal-brown colour of his sire, with about 4 white hairs on the offside of his forehead.  It will be really exciting to watch him strengthen and tighten and get control over all of those noodley appendages!  Mom's doing very well also.  She's protective - rightly so, but nurses him well and is very diligent. 

Happy baby Horseing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mane Event!

Hold onto your hats, it's going to be a great weekend!  We're off to the

Come by and see me at the Equi-Health Canada booth!  I'll be in the lecture hall on Friday morning from 11:45 - 12:45 giving a talk on equine first aid "For the Life and Love of the Horse".  The only place that's acceptable to be if you're not coming to see me is in the ring watching David Marcus teach.  I may be fan-girling on Thursday while he's teaching.  Just saying...

I didn't go to Mane Event last year.  First year in many that I hadn't been there.  Previously Jose and I have both attended to participate in breed demonstrations and also ride with clinicians.  I had the pleasure of riding with Olympian, Dr. Cesar Parra several years ago.  It's a fun environment, always something for everyone.

I'm thrilled to be representing Equi-Health Canada this year.  It's high time that Mane Event invited something ground level for the common horse person.  Something everyone needs to know.  Something I believe so deeply in!  I'll be geared up.  Likely you won't miss me as our CEO has asked me to dress to represent the English disciplines and has logo-ed up a number of clothing articles for me. 

Only downside, Belle's quite sure she wants to foal while I'm away.  Gigantic udder on her already.  If she gets any bigger, she'll burst!  Just no wax yet.  Yet...  Last year, the mares held off until I was out of town.  This year looks like the same thing.  Belle's at 323 days today, not DUE properly until May 7, but I don't think she's interested in our opinions... 

Happy Horseing! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Love Ugly Baby Pictures!!

Some horses are naturally photogenic - like some people.  Every angle looks beautiful.  And then there's my horses (and me!) 

Working with my ugly mooseling (Chai) recently with clippers and snapped a winner of a picture!  I'm going to keep this for when she grows up into a beautiful girl! 

Now, in all fairness, mooseling has never really been overly photogenic...

Now in all fairness, her daddy went through an ugly phase too... 

Fortunately that was short lived <3  Hopefully Chai matures just as nicely. 

Happy Horseing (or mooseing.., whichever.)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Big Life Lessons

Do you know I hate trailering?  Being in a regular trailer makes me feel VERY claustrophobic.  That's the reason I bought my Boeckmann trailer.  I feel all sorts of safe while I'm in there with the horses.  Last night, the fillies got to learn about loading in my trailer.
Both Princess and Chai had been in the trailer with their moms last year, but haven't done it solo yet.  It's quite a different story, let me tell you! 

Both would confidently stand up front feet on the ramp, but they would get stuck there.  That's ok, we keep it positive and don't make a fight.  Certainly I don't want them to see the trailer and think BACKWARDS! 
So we discussed that going forward makes pressure stop.  This is a life skill!!!  Out in the open we asked for forward and released pressure when it was given.  We would stop, send off in opposite directions and remove pressure when they move forward.  It didn't take them long before they felt very comfortable that they knew the answer. 
Once again, we re-approached the ramp.  Both again confidently stepped front feet on the ramp.  Then I added pressure.  The thought for backwards came first, but they knew that wasn't the right answer.  One step at a time, both found bravery and climbed into the trailer all by themselves (well, with me) and found that the trailer has a bunch of cookies and rubs and one very happy mama!  After a quiet minute or two, we gently backed out of the trailer and went for a walk.  Once more time, back up to the trailer and this time each one was more confident and quicker to find the answer in the trailer.  We call that very good and put them away. 

So proud of my little girls.  "Little" girls...  growing up so fast!  I'm very proud of the brains and willingness to try they have.  They're going to be incredible!  - They already are <3

Chai did it! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Change Up

Ah yes, like the rolling stone, we never stay still.

The newest, we're relocating.  Not a far move, but we are relocating our home base.  The move is causing a change in the business structure with a decrease in breeding.  That being said, the herd at large is for sale at this time.  What are we keeping?  Ritchie, Jose, Chai and old man Bucky. 

The remainder of the broodmare band is available.  That includes:
Lilyana, 2010 CWHBA mare 16.2 hh (Gervantus II x Tango Selune) inspected and approved RPSI.  She is currently in foal to Ritchie and could be sold bred back or open.

Bluebell, I think she's 2006 CWHBA mare, approximately 16.3 hh (Beachboy x Bjazzo) inspected with the CWHBA and currently in foal to purebred Arab stallion, ES Calfornia Dreamin and could be sold bred back to Ritchie, with foal or open.

DTD Fancy That, Again, not 100% sure on age but around 2008 purebred Arab mare.  Probably the prettiest mare on the property by far.  She's a wonderful producer, a sweet gem and is also inspected and approved with the RPSI. She is currently in foal back to Ritchie and can be sold bred back, with foal or open. 

My very special girl that I'm quite sad to let go of, A Promise for You, 2002 (ish) Standardbred mare.  This is Jose's sister.  Approximately 16.1 hh and also inspected and approved with the RPSI.  She spent a good career as a race horse and I have her non-racing Standardbred papers.  I love this mare. She is sweet, kind, so sensible and the picture of exactly what I like in a mare.  She is currently open but I would be so happy to breed her back to Ritchie as well. 

I am open to offers on any of the girls, for purchase or breeding lease.  We also still have Princess available for purchase as well. 

It hurts to let go of my equine family, but it's unfortunately part of what we have to do.  You're welcome to contact me with questions.  I've got papers on everyone (except Bluebell.  Apparently CWBHA has an aversion to mailing the updated papers.  They have my money, she's in my name according to their records, but no papers returned...)

Le sigh.  Another page in the history.  Hug your ponies and happy horseing!