Monday, May 22, 2017

Catching Up

Hello blogger world! 
I see it's been one heck of an absence from my writing, you must have missed me so!  I feel a little like Dressage Curmudgeon, but I don't think I'm quite as witty.  Used to love reading her entries; sad she quit writing. 

So what's new? 

Well, I was asked to return to Mane Event this year with Equi-Health Canada to speak again about the equine first-aid programs.  I loved it!  I had such a fantastic time with the group and the audience was very receptive.  This year, I was also asked to bring Jose with me and perform with him during the Saturday Night Equine Experience.  I did, and Jose tried his little heart out for me!  It's a scary big arena crammed full of people and loud music so I certainly can't blame him for being a little overwhelmed and off his game.  BUT, he still tried hard, remembered a good portion of the routine we'd practised and lay down with me in the middle of the ring.  I was so happy with him and couldn't have asked for more!

Not from this year, but same ring...

Ritchie has begun his Third Level dressage show season!  I was so thrilled with his scores at his first schooling show, mid 60's, even tying for first place in Third test 2!  Having gone to visit him and Jessica in early March, I'm thrilled at how happy he is and how well they work together!

Water Everywhere!!!  There is video on youtube from my visit and subsequent schooling show too.

Jose is back at home now.  The broodmares are sold.  The only two left to sell this year are the yearlings: Billy and Thursday.  Billy is HUGE!!  He's the big, friendly giant.  As soon as he's shed out and quits scraping himself up, it will be pictures and marketing and send him off.  Thursday still needs more work.  She just had such a rough start that I don't feel she's ready to leave and thrive away from the farm yet.  However, the more I'm working with her consistently, the more I'm liking the brain in there.  So perhaps the sales ad will be up sooner than later. 

Most recently, I had the opportunity to join a good friend in a really cool photo shoot the very talented Linda Finstad was doing for her next book - a how-to guide for equine photographers.  This photo shoot was for the chapter on building a kick-ass portfolio (which I've dubbed "making friends with the crazy horse people".) My good friend Jeanette Hall was doing a shoot for mounted archery.  We'd been talking recently about doing a "warrior women" photo shoot with our black horses.  She had already booked the shoot with Linda and invited me to join!  Who am I to say no to an awesome time?  We went, the photos are amazing, and I had a fantastic adventure again!

One of so many cool shots!!

And, last but certainly not least, Ritchie's one and only foal of 2017 was born today.  A bay colt with a big blaze face!  His name is Meramba and I can't wait to go see him! 

There, now we're updated!  I promise I'll keep up better entries - I'll be working with another kick-ass local photographer this summer, so there will be loads to share! 

In the mean time, Happy Horseing!