Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year, This Was NOT A Trail Ride

This winter, Jose and I have had the pleasure of boarding at the Edmonton Garrison Saddle Club.  It's been wonderful being part of a very eclectic club again.  On January 1, I got an e-mail early in the morning inviting all the members out on a "New year's ride".  Oh heck yes!  I thought it would be a great time to take Jose out of the arena and hack around the big pastures with a group. 

This is not a trail ride.
Jose was fantastic!  The weather was pretty mild except for a wind, but we had a wonderful time being out.  I posted some pictures I took on the group's facebook page with the caption "hack out".  They all tease me cause I do NOT trail ride.  That's dangerous.  I also do not jump, but I will school obstacles periodically.  Regardless, it was a wonderful way to start the year! 

I also have the most generous and fun friends in the world.  No, seriously, I do, yours may be great, but mine are better.  This was my Christmas gift from them! 
Yes, BuckWild Breeches (seriously, go get a pair, you will LOVE them!!!!)  They got me the red pair with zebra-stripe full seat.  OMG, they know me so well! 

Yesterday I sent in my memberships for Equine Canada.  I opted to get my Gold dressage membership so we can take Ritchie anywhere we want, and I also got my Eventing membership as Renate is set on taking the pony eventing this year.  I'm glad I'd already gotten my AEF membership as Equine Canada cost over $200 itself!  I'm told that I still have one more membership to get for the eventing side of things... And we haven't gotten to our first show yet! 

Le sigh.  The good news is, at least we're going SHOWING this year!!!  :)

Happy Horseing!