Friday, May 20, 2022


 Christmas time was our first trip to the local Long-Term Care facility. I'd been wanting to set up another visit day for the near future now that the weather has dried up and pony's mostly shedded out.  A few days ago, I got an email from the site manager identifying an interest for a pony visit for not only the residents and staff, but to be a feature for an article about the site and the residents by our employer.  With a bit of discussion and coordination, I was granted the time away from the office and Jasmine got to have a visit. 

This is never going to get old.  It's not just the amazing residents who love to have the pony visit, it's so much the staff too who get a morale boost by something different and really neat to experience.  

There were a couple of faces that we got to see again who remembered Jasmine's last visit, and we met several more new friends as well.  

For the most part, Ali takes Jasmine through the site and handles her for contact.  And she does a fantastic job.  It was so nice that, this time, everyone who wanted to could pet the pony.  Jasmine did think fingers were snacks though... But one gentleman did show me that by petting her forelock, Jasmine was very calm and didn't look for nibbles.  Something to remember for next time.  

Although it's nice that the site gets to have the recognition and promotion, lord knows the staff works so hard and truly cares for their residents, my real reward is the whole experience of spending time in the site and seeing the smiles.  

I can't wait for next time! 

Happy Horseing! 

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